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A "Do It Together" Approach to Community Projects - Shared screen with speaker view
Anthony Salas
Thank you for joining today's presentation!
Dana Schneider
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Dana Schneider
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Lisa Olsen
Lisa Olsen (she/her), Wild Ones Front Range Chapter, Colorado
Jordyne Krumroy
Hi Lisa! I'm in Raleigh, NC
Jordyne Krumroy
Save this link for later-- it's a news piece on Kara's project - https://www.fourstateshomepage.com/news/a-grassroots-project-in-rural-southwest-missouri-is-helping-immigrants-and-refugees-thrive-in-their-communities/
Jordyne Krumroy
Someone asked “how to best involve new community immigrants in our activities while being culturally sensitive?” My response to this would be-- anytime you’re working to involve a group that is outside of your own, it’s best to utilize trusted leaders. So I’d encourage you to think-- who are the trusted leaders for the audience you want to reach? Once you’ve found those people, you can reach out to them directly. Perhaps the trusted leaders are pastors, Imams, community center staff, Chamber of Commerce executives, etc. Work with those who are engrained and respected within the community you’re looking to reach.
Jordyne Krumroy
------------------------------------------------------One of you submitted a question asking how to “attract disinterested people to the conversation.” I would respond by saying that your messaging should center on common values. You may need to dig deep to solicit those-- often, faith and family are strong common values that the conversation can center.
Jordyne Krumroy
--------------------------------------------------------------There are always opportunities to invite people in. To say, “you have a seat at this table.” But by doing that, you continue to hold the power. It’s YOUR table, YOUR seat that you’re lending. Now, that is a step in the right direction but I’d encourage you to take it further → how can you show up as someone who is willing to disarm your own power so that together, everyone can create a common goal. Maybe the “other” doesn’t need a seat at the table. Maybe they need an entirely new structure. By creating it together, there’s no “helper or helped”, it’s mutual creation that can’t be done without one another.
Jordyne Krumroy
For more resources, take a look at https://welcomingamerica.org/content/bridging-differences-playbook. For those of you wanting to use art as the medium, take a look at https://welcomingamerica.org/content/bridging-divides-creating-community-arts-culture-and-immigration
Susan Glas
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